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Cooking Teachers

How useful is AI?

It is a useful tool for vocational education, but there are drawbacks for teachers as…

Cooking Teachers

Enhancing the cooking experience for individuals with special needs

Technological advancements have opened a world of possibilities for enhancing the cooking experience for individuals…

Lessons of Hospitality

How do we manage safety in a busy food lesson.

Safety is a crucial factor in cooking classes, as we know they can present various hazards because of potentially dangerous equipment, open flames, and hot…

I just cannot manage the time.

1. Thorough Planning and Preparation: Start by planning the lesson, breaking down the recipe into manageable steps, and allocating appropriate time for each stage. This…

I am running out of patience!

Teachers are human, and it's natural to feel frustrated or impatient sometimes, especially when dealing with challenging students or situations. However, teachers need to maintain their composure and…

Challenges in Lessons

Here are some common challenges teachers may face during practical lessons and strategies they can employ to overcome them: 1.Safety Concerns: Safety is the focus…

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“Great pictures and the option of reading and understanding the language in the context of their own background and ethnicity.”
“A different type of reading material for students who study hospitality and catering. Will help students to work more independently.”
James Miles
“New and innovative book, with elements of language translation attached. This will helped students to focus.”
K. Osei
“A one of a kind interesting book and very inclusive.”
Alex Chester