Online Games During Lessons Time…Really!

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Image 14 Online Games During Lessons Time...Really!

Benefits for Teachers:

  1. Enhanced Engagement and Motivation:
    Online games can captivate students’ attention and boost their enthusiasm for learning. The interactive, stimulating nature of games can transform passive learning into an active and enjoyable experience.
  1. Personalised Learning and Differentiation:
    Online games can adapt to individual learning styles and preferences, providing personalised instruction and differentiated pathways for students to progress at their own pace.
  1. Formative Assessment and Real-Time Feedback:
    Online games provide embedded feedback mechanisms that allow teachers to monitor student progress in real-time. This data can inform instructional decisions and provide immediate guidance.
  1. Promotion of Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving:
    Well-designed online games challenge students to think critically, analyse information, and devise creative solutions. This develops higher-order thinking skills.
  1. Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork:
    Online games can encourage collaboration and teamwork among students, promoting communication, cooperation, and social-emotional learning. Students learn to work together effectively to achieve common outcomes. Here, the teacher becomes the facilitator of learning.
Image 18 Online Games During Lessons Time...Really!
  1. Access to Diverse Learning Resources:
    Online games offer a vast array of interactive learning resources, including simulations, virtual environments, and engaging challenges. This expands the scope of educational experiences and caters to diverse learning styles.

    Gamification of Traditional Teaching Methods:
    Online games can be used to gamify traditional teaching methods, incorporating points, badges, leaderboards, and
  2. Promotes Technology Integration and Digital Literacy:
    Integrating online games into the classroom exposes students to technology and promotes digital literacy skills. This prepares them for a world increasingly reliant on technology.